Payouts Pro - Dynamic Multi-Bank Routing

Avoid payout failures and improve your payouts success rate with industry-first multi-bank routing by RazorpayX.

RazorpayX Payouts Pro helps avoid payout failures by detecting bank downtimes. While

prevents the money from being blocked, multi-bank routing changes the account of the transaction and prevents payment delays in real-time.

RazorpayX instantly detects bank degradations and immediately switches between 2 or more RazorpayX powered Current Accounts or RazorpayX Lite, thus improving success rates.

You can

on the RazorpayX Dashboard. The order of bank accounts for the different payment methods are set by default. However, you can to make changes.

Watch Out!

Dynamic multi-bank routing is applicable only to payouts made via


Consider the following scenario:

  • Name of the business: Acme Corp

  • Number of accounts: 3

  • The different accounts enabled and set in priority by Acme Corp for UPI:

    • Primary Bank Account: RBL Current Account powered by RazorpayX

    • Secondary Bank Account: Yes Bank Current Account powered by RazorpayX

    • Tertiary Account: RazorpayX Lite

    Handy Tips

    If you do not have a secondary Current Account or cannot open one, you can use RazorpayX Lite as your secondary account.

Acme Corp has made 5 payouts with RBL as the source via RazorpayX API. RBL is currently facing a downtime. The payouts are now deducted from Yes Bank.

While the payouts are being made via Yes Bank, we parallelly check if the downtime has been resolved at RBL or not. Once the downtime is resolved, the remaining payouts are routed back to the primary bank account.

In this case, if 3 payouts have already been made by Yes Bank, the remaining 2 payouts are routed back to RBL.

This process is entirely automated.

If you have more than one bank with RazorpayX (Current/Escrow/Lite), you can enable Payouts Pro.

  1. Log in to your


  2. Navigate to the user icon at the top-right corner of the screen and click My Account & Settings.

  3. Go to the Banking section and enable PAYOUTS PRO. The system automatically sets up the account order based on best performance for the given payment method.

  4. To change your priority account preferences across the payout modes,


    Set account preferences

Once you enable this from your RazorpayX Dashboard, all your API payouts will smart route across the defined priority banks.

All the transactions made from different accounts, through this feature, are recorded accordingly. You can find this information when you generate reports from:

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