Intelligent Payouts

Find out about how Intelligent Payouts reduce the risk of delayed payments.

A scenario very common to online transactions is payouts getting stuck for up to 3 days because of bank server issues. With RazorpayX's Intelligent Payouts feature, the problem of payouts getting stuck reduces significantly.

Handy Tips

Intelligent payout is applicable only on IMPS.

Intelligent Payouts use Machine Learning to detect beneficiary bank/partner bank server/NPCI downtimes and then queue the payout instead of failing it. We process the queued payouts when the issue that caused the payout to not go through is resolved.

In cases where the issue is not resolved within a stipulated SLA, Intelligent Payouts immediately fail the payout, allowing you to create another one without having to wait till the status of the old payout is known.

  • When a payout is queued in the RazorpayX system, we send the payout.queued event to you with the reason for queuing as 'beneficiary_bank_down/partner_bank_degraded' as part of the status_details object. You can know more about such .
  • The RazorpayX system will auto-fail the queued payout when max SLA is met. Here, we send the payout.failed event to you with the reason for failure in the status_details object.
  • When the RazorpayX system queues a payout, you can also go to the RazorpayX dashboard and can specifically cancel a list of Payouts.

Payouts are queued under two scenarios:

  • When the beneficiary bank server/NPCI is down. You can set the time (max SLA) upto which the payout can be in queued status. Default SLA for queued payouts is 15 minutes.
  • When the partner bank server is down. Default SLA for queued payouts is 60 minutes.
  • When you do not have sufficient balance to process a payout. These payouts are processed when you add funds to your account. Know more about .

  • Automatically detects the degradation of beneficiary bank, partner bank or NPCI and queues the payout in system till a pre-defined SLA, thereby reducing the chances of payouts going to DEEMED_SUCCESS state, preventing money from getting blocked for T+2 days. Know more on .
  • Enhances the overall payout success rate as the payouts stuck in are reduced.

Handy Tips

  • This feature is available to you by default. You have to just consume the payout.failed event to utilise this feature.
  • A payout is queued only when there is insufficient funds to process the payout, or when the beneficiary bank server is down. You cannot use this feature to schedule a payout.
  • The maximum SLA is set to 15 mins by default. You can set a custom maximum SLA till which payout will be queued ranging from 1 minute to 24 hours by reaching out to our .