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Find out how Intelligent Payouts reduce the risk of delayed payments via RazorpayX.

Intelligent Payouts detects downtimes or degradations at Razorpay's partner or beneficiary banks' side and prevents the money from being blocked for T+2 days. Downtimes refer to the time period when payouts underperform, leading to considerable delays in processing.

Intelligent Payout feature also reduces the chances of payouts being

. With this, we aim to streamline online transactions and ensure a smoother payout experience for you.

If the beneficiary or the partner bank experiences downtime after a payout is made, the payout enters a queued state.

Watch Out!

Intelligent payouts is available by default for Current Account users. RazorpayX Lite users must consume payout.failed

to enable Intelligent payouts.

  • You receive a payout.queued webhook event to inform you of the status_details.
    • The reason is either beneficiary_bank_down or gateway_degraded.
  • If the issue is resolved within the defined SLA, the payout is processed.
  • If the issue is not resolved within the defined SLA, the payout is moved to the failed state and you receive payout.failed webhook event.
  • You can choose to cancel payouts in queued state from the RazorpayX Dashboard or via API.

Know more about


EntityDefault SLASupported ModesSupported Account Type
Beneficiary Bank/ NPCI15 minutesIMPS & NEFTCurrent Account & RazorpayX Lite
Partner Bank60 minutesIMPS, NEFT, RTGS & UPICurrent Account

You can customise the SLA by contacting our


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