Queued Payouts

Check about scenarios when payouts are queued and how to cancel a queued payout.

When you do not have sufficient balance to process a payout, we queue the payout instead of failing the payout, saving you time and effort. Payouts that are queued are processed when you add funds to your account. Know more about payouts.

Watch Out!
Any payout in queued state for more than 3 months will automatically be cancelled/rejected by the system.

Handy Tips

  • This feature is available to you by default. You do not need to do anything to enable the feature.
  • A payout is queued only when there is insufficient funds to process the payout. You cannot use this feature to schedule a payout. If you want to schedule your payouts, use Scheduled payouts.

Payout Processing Order🔗

Queued payouts are processed in a first-in-first-out (FIFO) basis. If a payout cannot be processed due to insufficient balance, Razorpay attempts to process the next payout in the queue.

Account Balance


Payout Status


Create 3 payouts:

  • Payout A → ₹6,000
  • Payout B → ₹3,000
  • Payout C → ₹5,000

  • Payout A → queued( insufficient balance). Account balance → ₹5,000.

  • Payout B → processed. Account balance → ₹2,000.

  • Payout C → queued( insufficient balance). Account balance → ₹2,000.

Payout Life Cycle🔗

A payout can have the following statuses during its life cycle:

  • queued
  • processing
  • processed
  • reversed
  • cancelled
  • failed

Know more about Payout States.

Handy Tips
The Pending and Rejected states are available only if you have Approval Workflow enabled on your account.