Razorpay Capital Use Cases

Explore the industry-wise use cases of the Razorpay Capital products.

Businesses need short-term funds for their daily business operations. Razorpay Capital offers timely assistance and best-in-industry features via the following products:

  • : Get a Corporate Card and additional Add-on Cards for your teams. Create a robust expense management system, avail lucrative benefits and optimise business spending.

With a Corporate Card, you get the benefit of short-term funds. You can also:

  • Build an expense management system.
  • Enforce spending controls for teams and members.
  • Avail lucrative rewards on spending.

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Following are some industry-wise examples of how you can use the RazorpayX Corporate Card:

Travel agency and expenses

Whether you are a travel company or have employees in your organisation who travel for work, you can get a Corporate Card to:

  • Pay for flights and hotel bookings.
  • Pay for meals, stay and transportation.
  • Avail offers and discounts from the Rewards program.

The RazorpayX Corporate Card lets you manage your expenses on one card and simplifies expense tracking. It also makes the reimbursement process easy.

If you provide Add-on Cards, you can set limits and controls on expenses.

Sales and Marketing

Marketing and sales teams need short-term funds to act swiftly on business opportunities.

You can use a Corporate Card to:

  • Cover expenses related to client meetings and entertainment.
  • Manage promotional expenses as per marketing campaigns.
  • Meet ad hoc advertising costs that arise. For example, cover shortages in event planning or meet immediate advertising costs.

With Add-on Cards, you can authorise your teams to make business-approved expenses from their assigned limit.

Professional Services

If you offer professional services, you can use a Corporate Card and build a professional identity in the following ways:

  • Use short-term credit and cover all client meetings-related expenses easily.
  • Instantly act on marketing and networking opportunities with unrestricted access to funds on your Corporate Card.
  • You can avail offers and discounts on the business spends.
  • View your spending and related generative insights on a single Dashboard and make strategic business decisions.

Retail and E-commerce

Retail and e-commerce industries have rapid cash flow movements. To meet short-term funding needs, you can use the RazorpayX Corporate Card to:

  • Cover unexpected logistics, packaging, advertising, communication and other costs.
  • Avail offers on commonly trusted e-commerce platforms.
  • For inventory purchasing to establish a smooth supply chain.
  • Set up a payment processing infrastructure.
  • Develop business infrastructure such as the website, policies, communication, support and announcements channels.

You can also assign Add-on Cards to your employees for authorised business purchases.

Manufacturing and Distribution

Corporate Cards are highly beneficial in the manufacturing and distribution sector in the following ways:

  • Use short-term funding via the Corporate Card to meet rising demand during festive seasons.
  • Quickly meet ad hoc costs in manufacturing and distribution.
  • Help when the infrastructure and equipment needs upgrades, procurement, servicing, maintenance, leasing and more.
  • Make timely payments to improve supplier and vendor relationships.

For internal teams, you can provide Add-on Cards with spending limits for them to act on cost-saving opportunities.

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