Razorpay Capital Use Cases

Explore the industry-wise use cases of the Razorpay Capital products.

Businesses need short-term funds for their daily business operations. Razorpay Capital offers timely assistance and best-in-industry features via the following products:

  • : Withdraw from your Line of Credit for a customised 12-month tenure and automate your repayments.
  • : Get a Corporate Card and additional Add-on Cards for your teams. Create a robust expense management system, avail lucrative benefits and optimise business spending.

Explore how to leverage the benefits of Razorpay Line of Credit and grow your business.

The rapidly moving e-commerce industry has frequent cash inflows and outflows. Businesses can leverage the benefits of a line of credit in the following ways:

Meet rising demand requirements

Purchases grow during festive months in India which creates cash flow constraints when you increase sales to meet the demand.

With a line of credit, you can withdraw 24/7 at competitive rates from a single Dashboard. You can also automate your repayments.

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on the RazorpayX Dashboard.

Build brand identity

Businesses improve their brand identity by gaining customers' trust. To widen their market presence and build that identity, businesses must:

  • Invest in marketing activities.
  • Create a stable product infrastructure to handle queries, demand and sales.
  • Make company policies easily accessible.

Swiftly withdraw funds when you need them from the Razorpay Line of Credit and make strategic investments.

Streamline manufacturing and business scaling

SMEs face the following challenges in business operations:

  • High cost of inventory manufacturing and management.
  • Restricted access to ready funds from traditional sources.
  • Lack of funding and resources for expansion activities.

Razorpay Line of Credit provides flexible repayment schedules that do not hinder your financial and business performance. Explore


Razorpay Line of Credit provides quick services and benefits for e-commerce startups.

The insurance industry in India is the sixth-largest insurance market, and the number will only grow. Businesses need short-term funds to cover many business requirements such as:

Cover customer acquisition costs

Insurance businesses need funds to market their products and convert interested customers into leads.

A line of credit helps to:

  • Create a robust marketing strategy.
  • Invest in market research.
  • Build customer acquisition channels.

Cover operational expenses

A line of credit can cover daily business operations like:

  • Paying monthly expenses and payments.
  • Cover for delays in receiving premium payments and claim reimbursements.
  • Managing training for personnel, bonuses, increments and more.
  • Renewing licences and certifications for personnel and business.
  • Cover technological infrastructure and maintenance costs.

Withdrawing funds from Razorpay Line of Credit to meet such requirements is easy. You can withdraw anytime and as per your need.

Ed-tech businesses are cyclical and predictable. You can use Razorpay Line of Credit to act on business opportunities without worry.

Expansion and business acquisition

In India, schools open and close at predictable intervals. This presents a lucrative growth opportunity for ed-tech companies.

You can use a line of credit to:

  • Create robust marketing campaigns and increase brand awareness.
  • Invest in digital advertising like SEO marketing and strengthen brand identity.
  • Initiate tie-ups and partnerships with leading schools and educators.

Build technology infrastructure

Ed-tech companies can use a line of credit to enhance existing technologies as listed below:

  • Maintain technology infrastructure requirements.
  • Invest in cloud computing services and storage.
  • Develop relevant software for educators and students to interact.
  • Enhance the security of the data stored.

Research, Development and Collaborations

The ed-tech industry is constantly revolutionalising the way students learn. Businesses can use Razorpay Line of Credit to:

  • Invest in Virtual Reality (VR), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other new technologies.
  • Build strategic charters to stay ahead of the competition.
  • Allocate funds for research developing new learning models and courses.
  • Initiate partnerships with established educational institutions and universities for research programs, grants, internships and more.

Withdraw and avail flexible repayment options on the RazorpayX Dashboard for all your business requirements.

Following are some examples of businesses that leveraged Razorpay Line of Credit.

Consumer Durables D2C: Nutrinda Food Sciences

Nutrinda Food Sciences is a spices and condiments provider in the Consumer Durables industry.


To deliver top-quality products, the company procured raw materials regularly in bulk on a credit basis. As such, they needed to:

  • Maintain a steady cash flow to meet the procurement cost.
  • Quick funds for inventory management.


With Razorpay Line of Credit, Nutrinda Food Sciences easily withdrew funds at competitive rates and made bulk purchases. There was no extensive paperwork or high-interest rates.

Suppliers also provide discounts when you pay upfront instead of on credit. You can use a line of credit to finance this purchase and improve your relationship with your suppliers.

Consumer Durables B2C: Nature Foody to Your Skin

Nature Foody to Your Skin is an organic skincare brand that delivers sustainable products in eco-friendly packaging.


When Nature Foody to Your Skin expanded, their vendors and suppliers increased. They had to facilitate timely payments to suppliers, the lack of which negatively impacted the vendor ecosystem and their CIBIL score.


Nature Foody to Your Skin leveraged the benefits of the Razorpay Line of Credit to resolve their financial challenges. With Razorpay Line of Credit, they could:

  • to not miss payments on due dates.
  • Timely repay the suppliers and vendors. This improved their relationship with the vendors.
  • Enforce financial discipline. With a line of credit, Nature Foody to Your Skin had minimal cash flow constraints, which helped them streamline business operations.

FMCG B2B: Dusjet

Dusjet provides a wide set of digital tools and infrastructure for businesses to connect with local customers.


Dusjet wanted to invest in marketing to create brand awareness and boost product reach. However, they faced two challenges:

  • Fund allocation was difficult due to cash flow restrictions.
  • Traditional loans from banks were time-consuming, required collateral and were inflexible.


Razorpay Line of Credit was an easy solution. Dusjet could withdraw any amount at any time as per their marketing needs. With a line of credit, they had readily available funds for their campaigns.

With a Corporate Card, you get the benefit of short-term funds. You can also:

  • Build an expense management system.
  • Enforce spending controls for teams and members.
  • Avail lucrative rewards on spending.

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Following are some industry-wise examples of how you can use the RazorpayX Corporate Card:

Travel agency and expenses

Whether you are a travel company or have employees in your organisation who travel for work, you can get a Corporate Card to:

  • Pay for flights and hotel bookings.
  • Pay for meals, stay and transportation.
  • Avail offers and discounts from the Rewards program.

The RazorpayX Corporate Card lets you manage your expenses on one card and simplifies expense tracking. It also makes the reimbursement process easy.

If you provide Add-on Cards, you can set limits and controls on expenses.

Sales and Marketing

Marketing and sales teams need short-term funds to act swiftly on business opportunities.

You can use a Corporate Card to:

  • Cover expenses related to client meetings and entertainment.
  • Manage promotional expenses as per marketing campaigns.
  • Meet ad hoc advertising costs that arise. For example, cover shortages in event planning or meet immediate advertising costs.

With Add-on Cards, you can authorise your teams to make business-approved expenses from their assigned limit.

Professional Services

If you offer professional services, you can use a Corporate Card and build a professional identity in the following ways:

  • Use short-term credit and cover all client meetings-related expenses easily.
  • Instantly act on marketing and networking opportunities with unrestricted access to funds on your Corporate Card.
  • You can avail offers and discounts on the business spends.
  • View your spending and related generative insights on a single Dashboard and make strategic business decisions.

Retail and E-commerce

Retail and e-commerce industries have rapid cash flow movements. To meet short-term funding needs, you can use the RazorpayX Corporate Card to:

  • Cover unexpected logistics, packaging, advertising, communication and other costs.
  • Avail offers on commonly trusted e-commerce platforms.
  • For inventory purchasing to establish a smooth supply chain.
  • Set up a payment processing infrastructure.
  • Develop business infrastructure such as the website, policies, communication, support and announcements channels.

You can also assign Add-on Cards to your employees for authorised business purchases.

Manufacturing and Distribution

Corporate Cards are highly beneficial in the manufacturing and distribution sector in the following ways:

  • Use short-term funding via the Corporate Card to meet rising demand during festive seasons.
  • Quickly meet ad hoc costs in manufacturing and distribution.
  • Help when the infrastructure and equipment needs upgrades, procurement, servicing, maintenance, leasing and more.
  • Make timely payments to improve supplier and vendor relationships.

For internal teams, you can provide Add-on Cards with spending limits for them to act on cost-saving opportunities.

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