Corporate Cards

Manage organisation expenses with RazorpayX Corporate Cards and understand the user roles available to avail and use Add-on Cards.

Corporate Cards system is an expense management mechanism for an organisation. It provides accountability and control over expenses of an employee for business purposes. Maintaining a record of these transactions become easier and the transfer of money remains secure. With Corporate Cards, you can avail a range of benefits that improve accountability and control of expenses.

The business management team can delegate spending ability to different team members from a single credit card account without having to give their card to anyone or go through the trouble of reimbursement. This is possible through


In addition to smart limits on each type of card, the management need not get into the weeds of expenses. They can set add-on credit limits, lock them and set limits on types of expenses they can make.

Some of the use cases that are addressed with the Razorpay Capital Add-on cards are:

  • Startups: Startups generally have more specialized roles for different functions with more autonomy to team members. They are the primary users for add-on cards on RazorpayX Corporate Cards. Add-on cards with limits are perfect for them.
  • Partnerships and Private companies: Unlike proprietorships, they have more than one decision-maker who makes spending decisions for different things or at other times. They may not want limits but add-on cards are a use case for them.
  • Consulting firms: Similar to above, they have many decision-makers in charge of different projects at a time that might need spending. However, since they are not partners, the limits might still come into play.

You can avail a RazorpayX Corporate Card and manage business expense with expert swiftness and ultimate convenience.

as a new user or as an existing Razorpay or RazorpayX user. Know more about the .

Owner/AdminAccess to all the sections of the Cards product; take the final call.
FinanceAccess to all the transactions and card information; can make repayments and change repayment settings.
CardholderView transactions and card data linked to their user id.
ViewerView all cards of the organisation.

Refer to the table below for a list of permissions and privileges available to different user groups.

Permission GroupPermission \ roleOwnerFinance / AdminCardholder / OperationsViewer / Analyst
CardView own card data
View own card settings
View all cards datax
View all card settings
Modify own card settingsx
Modify all card settingsxx
RepaymentMake repaymentxx
View repayment settingsxx
Modify repayment settingsxx
User & Card ManagementView user management settingsxxx
Invite userxxx
Edit user invitexxx
Remove userxxx
Assign a card to the userxxx
Unassign card to the userxxx
Change user accessxxx

To get an Add-on Card:

  1. Log in to your .
  2. Navigate to Corporate Credit Card on the left menu.
  3. Under Corporate CardsSummary, navigate to + Get an Add-on Card. Here, you can request the Add-on card for a new team member with the role and also assign the credit limit.
  4. The new team member gets an email asking them to complete individual KYC. Once their KYC is updated, they get access to the dashboard as per their role.

The user also gets a virtual card and a prompt to confirm the address for card delivery. Post that, they get their physical card in a few days.

Generation of statements and repayments work as usual with one single card. The credit account is the same for all cards, so repayment for all cards happens in just one bill.

Primary account holders (Owner/Admin) can control which add-on card user can manage repayment automatically or manually.

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