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About Razorpay Capital

Razorpay Capital is a lending platform that allows you to meet your cash flow challenges. Using Razorpay Capital, you can manage financial challenges of your business through quick settlements and collateral-free loans. You can avail a set of services, which are aimed at lending a helping hand to your business to maintain steady capital.

Listed below are some reasons you should use Razorpay Capital:

Types of Lending ProductsπŸ”—

Razorpay Capital aims to give you easy access to credits when you need them the most. For this, we offer a range of lending products depending on your business requirements. You can choose any of the following lending products to acquire capital via Razorpay Capital:

Instant SettlementsπŸ”—

Reduce settlement period from T+2 days to T+0, that is same day settlements. You can have all your payments settled to your bank account at specific hours during the day or have your money settled early on key business days. For more information, click here.

Working Capital LoansπŸ”—

You can avail hassle-free, pre-approved business loans from Razorpay and its banking partners without any collateral. The credit limits are defined based on your unique Razorpay Credit Score.

Cash AdvanceπŸ”—

Get the convenience of an unsecured line of credit to manage cash requirements prior to your customer payments. Withdraw cash up to your credit limit whenever you need it and repay it when your customers make payments to you.

RazorpayX Corporate CardsπŸ”—

Simplify your company expenses. Pay for your marketing, SaaS or travel needs with 50-day interest-free credit and automatic repayments for hassle-free expense management. Know more about Add-on Cards and how to apply for these cards for your team members.