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RazorpayX is a neo-banking platform that helps business owners and finance teams automate manual, repetitive financial task and provide insights into money flow.

RazorpayX helps small and large businesses simplify all types of payouts including:

Make timely payouts on RazorpayX either via our user-friendly Dashboard or dev-friendly APIs in 3 easy steps.

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Use cases🔗

Payouts can be used for any type of business requirement. Few use cases are provided below.

Recurring Vendor Payments🔗

Businesses need to make payouts to their vendors at regular intervals for the goods delivered and services rendered. These payouts are generally recurring in nature and are thus planned payouts. Such use cases can be served by making NEFT and RTGS payouts to vendor contacts.

Customer Refunds and Cashbacks🔗

B2C businesses generally have to deal with customer refunds and cashbacks. These payouts need to be processed immediately. If they are not, it can lead to negative customer experience, loss in reputation and brand value and ultimately reduction in sales. IMPS and UPI based payouts through APIs can help firms automate their refunds and cashback processes and ensure they are instantaneous.

Loan Disbursements by Financial Institutions🔗

Financial Institutions such as NBFCs and Lending Aggregators need to disburse loans to their borrowers as soon as the loan is sanctioned. They cannot afford to lose business due to the non-working hours of banks. IMPS based payouts help these firms provide instantaneous payouts and thus improve borrower experience.


RazorpayX Account
Payouts are made using funds in this account. Refer to the RazorpayX Account documentation for more details. Currently, there are two types of accounts available to you:
  • Virtual Account
  • Current Account
A contact is an entity to whom payouts are made. Contacts have certain identification properties such as name, email ID and phone number. To make a payout to a contact, you must add a fund account to the contact.
Fund Account
A fund account is an entity to which payouts can be made. Currently, RazorpayX supports three types of fund accounts:
  • bank_account: Make payouts to a contact's bank account via bank transfer using one of the available Payout Modes such as NEFT or IMPS.
  • cards: Make payouts directly to a contact's card via a bank transfer using one of the available Payout Modes such as NEFT or IMPS.
  • vpa (Virtual Payment Address): Make payouts to a contact's VPA via a UPI transfer.
Any transaction made using bank account linked to your RazorpayX account. This can either be a credit (when you add funds to your account) transaction or a debit (payouts made using RazorpayX) transaction. You can view transactions from the Dashboard or fetch details using the Transactions APIs.