Accept payments by enabling various UPI apps on the Checkout form available in all supported Razorpay integrations.

As compared to other payment modes, UPI checkout flows reduce the friction for your customers, thus providing higher transaction success rates for your business.

Razorpay supports multiple third-party apps and has direct integration with Google Pay.

UPI Integrations🔗



Supported Platforms

Supported UPI Apps


Collect flow

Customers enter their VPAs in the Checkout, open the respective UPI apps and complete the payment after 2-factor authentication (UPI PIN and MPIN are entered) on their mobile devices. Customers are redirected to your website or app after successful payment.

Web, Mobile-web, Android


Available by default

Intent flow

As soon as the customer selects the UPI payment app on the Checkout, the app is launched automatically on the mobile device. Customer need not enter VPA or phone number as these details are prefilled and submitted along with the other payment details.

Mobile-web, Android, iOS

  • PhonePe and GooglePay for Mobile-web on Google Chrome only

  • Paytm, PhonePe and GooglePay for Android and iOS

Available by default


This is an intent flow wherein customers enter their mobile numbers instead of VPAs in the UPI app. The payments are completed after 2-factor authentication (UPIN and MPIN are entered).

Android only

Only for Google Pay

Approval and Integration

Google Pay SDK

This is an intent flow wherein the customer can complete the payment within your app itself without being redirected to the UPI app on the mobile device. This is particularly useful when you want the customer to experience a seamless payment experience while safeguarding your brand identity.

Android only

Only for Google Pay

Requires Integration

Given below is the payment flow for UPI Collect:

Payment Flow for UPI Collect

Third Party Validation
Know more about Third-Party Validation if your business model requires that transactions be made by the customers only from the bank account that was submitted to your business at the time of registration. Check the list of banks that support TPV.