Google Pay Omnichannel Checkout

Let your customers make payments using Google Pay on their mobile devices without entering VPA.

Use Google Pay Omnichannel to initiate a payment using the customer's phone number.

  • The customers receive a Google Pay request on their registered mobile devices, and complete the payment using the Google Pay app installed on their devices.
  • This reduces the overhead of entering the VPA, leading to better success rates for your UPI transactions.

Request and accept payments from your customers using Omnichannel with the following steps:

  1. The customer selects Google Pay as the payment method to make the payment for the transaction.

  2. The GooglePay app opens on the mobile device. The customer can complete the payment.

    Payment on Google Pay App

Use Google Omnichannel at your Checkout to send a payment request to the customers directly on the Google Pay app.

Google Omnichannel Checkout Page

Feature Enablement Request

This feature is not available by default. Contact our

to get it enabled for your account.

  1. for a business account with Google Pay.
  2. and have them whitelist your UPI ID/VPA.
  3. Verify your UPI ID/VPA details on the. Google deposits a small amount into the bank account linked to your VPA (UPI ID).
  4. You should have already integrated .
  5. from the Dashboard.

If you are using Razorpay Standard Checkout Integration for your web applications or Android apps, you do not require any additional integration to display Google Pay in the list of payment options. Get in touch with our

to help you to accept payments using Omnichannel at your application Checkout.

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