About Error Codes

Check the errors returned in the API responses from Razorpay.

Razorpay APIs, when fired, can have either a successful response or a failure response. All successful Razorpay API responses return with HTTP Status code 200. In case of failure, a JSON error response is returned with the relevant error parameters.

This error response helps to:

  • Map and analyse top failure reasons.
  • Identify the source of failure. It can be due to customer action or external factors (Razorpay, Gateway, Bank or Network).
  • Identify the payment step and the exact failure reason. Display valid responses and provide meaningful next steps to your customers.

Handy Tips

If you are using

, the error responses result in exceptions that need to be handled in your integration.

The error response contains code, description, field, source, step, reason and metadata parameters that help diagnose and solve the error.

In this sample code, see the description, source, step and reason, indicating that the API failed due to authentication failure for incorrect OTP.

You can notify your customer and ask them to retry the payment with the correct OTP at Razorpay Checkout.

"error": {
"description": "Authentication failed due to incorrect otp",
"field": null,
"source": "customer",
"step": "payment_authentication",
"reason": "invalid_otp",
"metadata": {
"payment_id": "pay_EDNBKIP31Y4jl8",
"order_id": "order_DBJKIP31Y4jl8"


object The error object.


string Type of the error.


string Descriptive text about the error.


string Name of the parameter in the API request that caused the error.


string The point of failure in the specific operation (payment in this case). Check the

, , , , , and sections to know about the possible values for each method.


string The stage where the transaction failure occurred. The stages can vary depending on the payment method used to complete the transaction. Check the

, , , , , and sections to know about the possible values for each method.


string The exact error reason. It can be handled programmatically.


object Contains additional information about the request.


string Unique identifier of the payment.


string Unique identifier of the order associated with the payment.

along with their explanation and the next best action.

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