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Offer Pay Later (Buy Now, Pay Later) payment method at Razorpay Checkout. Check providers and payment flow.

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! can use Razorpay B2B Checkout Financing to make payments conveniently on the Razorpay Checkout and enjoy fast and flexible payment cycles.

Accept payments from your customers using the Pay Later service offered by various third-party providers.

  • Know about as a payment method for your account.
  • No additional integration is required to show Pay Later on your Standard Checkout integration.

Watch Out!

Instant Refunds are not supported on EMI, Cardless EMI and Pay Later.

Based on the concept


  1. The customers get a running line of credit by registering with any providers.
  2. When customers buy goods or services on your website or apps, no money is debited from their accounts.
  3. You receive the payments from their providers.
  4. The customer pays back to the provider as per the fixed schedule defined by the provider.

At Razorpay Checkout:

  1. At the Checkout, customers enter the contact details and select Pay Later as the payment method.

    Pay Later payment method on Checkout screen
  2. From the displayed list of Pay Later providers, customers select their preferred provider.

    Select the preferred provider from the list of Pay Later providers
  3. Customers authorise their accounts via the OTP sent to their registered phone numbers.

  4. Payment is completed after successful validation.

Provider nameProvider Code
ICICI Bank PayLatericic
FlexiPay by HDFC Bankhdfc

Watch Out!

LazyPay services are temporarily disabled.

Handy Tips

  • PayPal now supports the Pay Later feature. You should enable both and the Pay Later options under Account & Settings → Pay Later (under Payment methods) on the Razorpay Dashboard to enable the Pay Later feature.
  • Check the standard interest rates charged by .

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