About Third Party Validation (TPV)

Know how Razorpay performs Third-Party Validation (TPV) of your customers' bank accounts in real-time using Razorpay Standard Integration.

Third-Party Validation (TPV) of bank accounts is a mandatory requirement for businesses in the BFSI (Banking, Financial Services and Insurance) sector dealing with Securities, Broking and Mutual Funds. As per Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) guidelines, transactions must be made by the investors only from those bank accounts provided when they registered with your business.

With Razorpay, you can comply with the SEBI guidelines for online payment collections by offering TPV integrations with

at Checkout. Investors can make payments using netbanking, debit card or UPI (collect and intent flows). Know .

Feature Request

This is an on-demand feature. Please raise a request with our

to get this feature activated on your Razorpay account.

How it Works

  1. At the Checkout, investors complete the payment using the bank account details passed during the order creation.
  2. The payment is marked as successful only when the bank account details entered in the order match those entered by the investor on the Checkout. If the investor tries to make a payment with an account other than the registered account, Razorpay fails the transaction.
TPV Standard Checkout

TPV is supported on the following products:

TPV is supported on the following platforms:




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