1. Build Integration

A step-by-step guide on how to integrate OpenCart enabled site with Razorpay.

Follow the steps given below to integrate Razorpay Payment Gateway with your OpenCart enabled site using the Razorpay Subscription for OpenCart plugin.

Integration Steps🔗

Follow these steps to complete the integration:

On Your OpenCart Site🔗

  1. Install the Razorpay Subscriptions for OpenCart Plugin.
  2. Configure OpenCart Settings.
  3. Create a Plan for Subscriptions product.
  4. Test integration.

On Razorpay Dashboard🔗

  1. Enable Webhooks.

Step 1: Install Razorpay Subscriptions for OpenCart Plugin🔗

To install Razorpay Subscriptions for OpenCart plugin:

  1. Download the latest source code ZIP file of the Razorpay OpenCart Subscriptions plugin from the repository on Github.

    1. OpenCart 3

    2. OpenCart 2

    3. OpenCart 1.5

    Watch Out!
    Subscriptions is available only on OpenCart 3.

  2. Copy all files/folders recursively to the OpenCart installation directory.

Step 2: Configure OpenCart Settings🔗

  1. Log into OpenCart.

  2. Go to the Admin PanelExtensionsPayments to install the Razorpay Payment Gateway extension.

  3. Click the edit icon and fill in the following field details.



    Key ID

    Enter the Key ID generated from the Razorpay Dashboard.

    Key Secret

    Enter the API Key Secret generated from the Razorpay Dashboard.

    Payment Action

    To automatically capture successful payments, select Authorize and Capture option in the dropdown menu. Select Authorize if you want to capture payments manually from the Razorpay Dashboard or using API.

    Subscription Status

    Ensure the Subscription Status is enabled.

    Handy Tips
    Webhook is auto-configured when you enter and save the API key ID and secret on the plugin settings page. You need to verify if webhooks are enabled on your Razorpay Dashboard.

  4. Click Save to save the extension settings.

  5. Go to Admin PanelExtensionsModifications and click the refresh button to rebuild your modification cache.

Step 3: Create a Plan for Subscriptions Product🔗

Watch Out!
You can enable or disable plans only after creating them.

To create a Plan for Subscriptions product:

  1. Go to the Admin PanelRazorpay SubscriptionPlans to add a new Plan.

  2. Click Add new to create a new Plan.

  3. Enter the required details and click Save to save the Plan.