Subscriptions APIs

List of available Subscriptions APIs for various actions.

You can use the Subscriptions APIs to perform various actions. You can perform all of these actions from the Razorpay Dashboard as well.

List of Subscriptions APIs🔗

The table below provides the list of various Subscriptions APIs and their brief description:



Create a Plan

API to create a plan.

Fetch all Plans

API to fetch all the created plans.

Fetch a Plan by ID

API to fetch a plan by its unique identifier.

Create a Subscription

API to create a Subscription.

Create a Subscription Link

API to create a Subscription link.

Fetch All Subscriptions

API to fetch all the created Subscriptions.

Fetch Subscription by ID

API to allows fetch a Subscription details using its unique identifier.

Cancel a Subscription

API to cancel a Subscription.

Update a Subscription

API to update a Subscription.

Fetch Details of a Pending Update

API to fetch details about any update of a Subscription.

Cancel an Update

API to cancel an update.

Pause a Subscription

API to pause an active Subscription

Resume a Subscription

API to resume a paused Subscription.

Fetch All Invoices for a Subscription

API to fetch all the generated invoices for a Subscription.

Authentication Transaction

API to create a checkout for customers make authorization transaction.

Payment Verification

API to verify the payments made by the customer.

Create an Add-on

API to create an add-on.

Fetch all Add-ons

API to fetch all the created add-ons.

Fetch an Add-on by ID

API to fetch an add-on using its unique identifier.

Delete an Add-on

API to delete a craeted add-on.