QR Codes for Subscriptions

Display QR Codes on Razorpay Standard Checkout for UPI Autopay to collect Subscription payments.

QR codes on Standard Checkout are a great way to provide faster and more convenient options for customers to make payments. It saves time, reduces multiple steps, and allows for contactless payments.

Watch Out!

The QR code on the checkout is dynamic, and the customer can only make a single payment.

  • The QR code allows you to easily manage Subscriptions and Recurring Payments and increase the success rate by simplifying the checkout process for customers.
  • Customers do not have to remember the VPA. They can make the payment by scanning the QR Code using any PSP app.

Below is the customer journey with a QR Code on Standard Checkout:

  1. The QR Code is available on the desktop Standard Checkout for UPI Autopay.
    Subscription QR Intent
  2. Customers scan the QR Code using any PSP app and approve the payment.

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