Subscriptions Use Cases

Explore the use cases of Razorpay Subscriptions on how businesses streamline billing for memberships, premium content, and more.

Go through use cases on how Razorpay Subscriptions has helped businesses to manage their recurring revenue models. Whether you are a dynamic startup, an established e-commerce brand, a content creator, or a fitness enterprise, Subscriptions equips you with the tools to effortlessly handle billing cycles, nurture customer relationships and drive sustained success.

OTT Platforms

Acme is a popular OTT platform that offers a wide range of regional and international streaming content, including movies, TV shows, and original series. To enhance user satisfaction and simplify the payment process, Acme decided to implement Subscriptions.

Here is how Subscriptions with UPI help Acme:

Flexible Subscription Plans

Acme uses Razorpay Subscriptions to create and manage various Subscription plans, catering to different user preferences. Users can choose plans based on their content consumption habits and budget.

Easy UPI Integration

Seamless integration with UPI, allows Acme users to subscribe to plans and make recurring payments using their UPI-enabled apps. This provides a widely accepted and user-friendly payment option.

Automated Subscription Management

Acme automates the entire Subscription management process. Users can easily upgrade, downgrade, or modify their Subscriptions, and the platform automatically adjusts billing accordingly.

Secure Transactions

Razorpay ensures the security of UPI transactions by adhering to industry standards and employing robust encryption protocols. This builds trust among users regarding the safety of their payment information.


Acme Women is a health and wellness company that offers subscription-based delivery services for women's hygiene and wellness products. To simplify the subscription billing process and improve customer convenience, Acme Women decides to integrate Razorpay Subscriptions with Emandate.

Here is how Subscriptions with Card help Acme:

Subscription Plan Variety

Acme integrates Razorpay Subscriptions to offer customers various Subscription plans, such as monthly, quarterly, and yearly options. Each plan provides different levels of benefits, encouraging customers to choose the plan that suits their preferences.

Card Payments Integration

By integrating card payments, Acme ensures customers a secure and seamless payment experience. Razorpay securely stores card information, eliminating the need for customers to enter card details every time they make a recurring payment.

Automated Recurring Payments

Acme can automate the entire payment process, charging customers' cards at predefined intervals based on their chosen Subscription frequency. This ensures timely payments and a hassle-free shopping experience.

Offers on Subscriptions

Acme implements Offers to provide discounts or cashback on Subscriptions. These offers enable Acme to attract customers, retain existing customers, and increase sales.

IT and Software Solutions

Acme Solutions is a leading IT company offering various software products and services, including cloud-based tools and productivity software. To provide a frictionless Subscription billing experience for its customers, Acme Solutions integrates Razorpay Subscriptions with Emandate as a payment method.

Here is how Subscriptions with Emandate help Acme:

Subscription Plan Variety

Acme Solutions uses Razorpay Subscriptions to create and manage various plans for its software products. Customers can choose plans depending on their needs and budget.

Emandate Integration

By integrating Emandate as a payment method, Acme Solutions enables customers to authorise automated recurring payments directly from their bank accounts. This eliminates the need for customers to initiate payments manually each billing cycle.

Automated Billing

Acme automates the entire billing process. Once customers set up Emandate, their payments are automatically deducted from their bank accounts at predefined intervals, ensuring uninterrupted access to software services.

Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance

Acme Bank is a leading BFSI institution offering a range of financial products, including personal loans and vehicle loans. It has implemented Razorpay Subscriptions with Emandate as a payment method to optimise the loan repayment process and reduce operational complexities.

Here is how Subscriptions with Emandate help Acme:

Automated Loan Repayments

Acme Bank integrates Razorpay Subscriptions to automate the loan repayment process. Customers can set up Emandates, authorising the bank to deduct loan instalments automatically from their bank accounts at predefined intervals.

Flexible Repayment Schedules

Acme Bank creates flexible repayment schedules based on customer preferences and loan terms. This ensures that repayment plans align with the financial capacities of individual borrowers.

Automated Reconciliation

Razorpay Subscriptions automates the reconciliation of loan repayments, providing real-time visibility into payment statuses and reducing the chances of errors in financial reporting.


Acme Solutions is a reputable IT services company offering its clients ongoing technical support and maintenance services. To ensure seamless payment experiences and improve client relationships, Acme Solutions has implemented Razorpay Subscriptions.

Here is how Subscriptions help Acme:

Subscription Plans

Acme Solutions uses Razorpay Subscriptions to create various plans based on the types of services offered and the frequency of payments required by clients.

Automated Payments

The company automates the entire payment process. Clients' payments are processed automatically at predefined intervals, reducing the need for manual intervention.

Payment Reminders

Razorpay Subscriptions sends automated payment reminders to clients, keeping them informed about upcoming payments and due dates. This proactive approach enhances transparency and reduces payment delays.

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