List of all the commonly used terms related to Razorpay Subscriptions.

The following table lists all the commonly used terms and their definitions used in Subscriptions:

PlanA Plan is like a reuseable template where you define what should be billed, for what price and when. You can then have multiple customers subscribe to a Plan.
For example, you can define a Plan for ₹1000 to be charged monthly or another Plan for ₹12,000 to be charged yearly. You can define multiple Plans and call them Basic, Intermediate, Pro and so on.
SubscriptionWhen a customer subscribes to a Plan, it is called a Subscription. Subscription defines the date at which the customer wants to subscribe to the Plan (start date) and for how long (duration). You can also create Subscriptions with a trial period and an upfront amount.
Trial PeriodA period where the customer can avail the service or goods you offer without paying for it. The trial period is offered to the customer once they complete the authorization transaction. You can create a fully-customized trial period that does not have to follow the typical 1-week or 1-month trial period.
Upfront AmountYou can charge customers an upfront amount as part of the authentication transaction. If a Subscription or a Subscription link is created with an upfront amount, the customer is charged an extra amount during the authentication transaction.
Add-onsAdd-ons can be charged to your customer during the Subscription. Add-ons are typically charged for additional services taken by a customer during the billing cycle.
Authentication TransactionThe authentication transaction is a 3D secure authentication step before recurring payments are charged on your customer's card. It is an approval process from the customer who is subscribing to a Plan and also a way to validate the card to which a Subscription would be charged on a periodic basis. The authentication transaction is an RBI-mandate for all recurring payments in India. There are two ways to obtain an authentication transaction for Subscriptions:
  • Via your checkout
  • Sending the customer a link that will direct them to a Razorpay hosted page to make the payment

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