Manage Subscriptions

Reactivate, cancel or put on hold an existing Razorpay Subscription plugin for OpenCart and initiate refunds.

If you no longer want to use Subscriptions, you can cancel the product. You can also refund the subscription amount to your customers. If you want to update a Subscriptions product, you need to create a new Subscription product.

View a Subscription Details🔗

To view a Subscription details:

  1. Log into the OpenCart and go to My Account.

  2. Click My subscription in the right menu to see the list of your Subscriptions.

  3. Click on the red eye button against the required Subscription to see the details.

Update Subscriptions Product🔗

Razorpay Subscriptions plugin for OpenCart does not support updating an existing Subscription product. So, if you want to update a subscription product, you should create a new subscription product.

Watch Out!
You cannot update the details of a Subscription for a customer or upgrade or downgrade the Subscription for them once it has gone live.

  • If you modify the details of an existing Subscription product on OpenCart and make a test payment, it will appear as a New Plan on the Razorpay Dashboard. Hence, you must cancel the existing Subscription and create a new one and ask your customer to subscribe to the newly created Subscription.
  • When a Subscription is put on-hold, you can use the reactivate option to restart the subscription, once you successfully charge the customer's card. This changes the Subscription status to active on the Razorpay Dashboard. The reactivate button will only be displayed where the payment is not due.

Cancel a Subscription🔗

The cancel option is used to cancel the Subscription. You can cancel a Subscription:

  • Immediately
  • At the end of the current billing cycle

To cancel a Subscription:

  1. Navigate to OpenCartSubscriptions.
  2. Hover over the subscription you want to put on hold and click Cancel.

Watch Out!
After you cancel an existing Subscription, you cannot restart it.