Webhook Events

Check the webhook payloads for events relevant to OpenCart Plugin for Razorpay Subscriptions.

Webhooks (Web Callback, HTTP Push API or Reverse API) are one way that a web application can send information to another application in real-time when a specific event happens.

Suppose you have subscribed to the order.paid webhook event, you will receive a notification every time a user pays you for an order.

Webhook Vs API🔗

APIs send you the data when you request it. For Webhooks, you do not need to make a request. You receive the data when it is available.

If you need to know whether a payment link is paid or not, using APIs, you need to keep polling every few seconds until someone pays. However, if you are using Webhooks, you can configure a webhook event payment_link.paid to receive notifications when a customer makes the payment using the link.

When to Use Razorpay Webhooks🔗

You can use Razorpay Webhooks to configure and receive notifications when a specific event occurs. When one of these events is triggered, we send an HTTP POST payload in JSON to the webhook's configured URL.

  • You can set up Webhooks from your Razorpay Dashboard and configure separate URLs for Live mode and Test mode. Know more about setting up Payments webhooks and RazorpayX webhooks.
  • A Test mode webhook receives events for your test transactions. Know more about testing Webhooks.
  • In webhook URLs, only port numbers 80 and 443 are currently allowed.