Integrate PayPal with Razorpay to accept international payments. Check how Razorpay handles currency conversions for you.

PayPal is a payment method that you can integrate with your

to accept payments in .

You can accept payments based on the transaction limit of your PayPal account. Know more about the other


Integrating PayPal as a payment method on Checkout offers you the following advantages:

  • Better Success Rates: Enjoy up to 20% higher success rates.
  • Faster Settlement time: Get paid on a T+1 settlement schedule.
  • Wide user base: Reach Over 30 Crore PayPal users around the world.
  • No additional charges: PayPal defines the rates for transactions.
  • Currency Conversion: Handle currency conversions from INR to your customer's native currency.

Watch this video to see the onboarding process to enable PayPal on your checkout form.

Handy Tips

  • The PayPal section is visible only in the Live mode on the Dashboard.
  • PayPal now supports the Pay Later feature. You should enable both and the Pay Later options under Account & Settings → Pay Later (under Payment methods) on the Razorpay Dashboard to enable the Pay Later feature.

To enable PayPal:

  1. Log in to the


  2. Navigate to Account & SettingsInternatioanl payments (under Payment methods). Scroll to the PayPal section and click Link Account.

    Link PayPal Account on Razorpay Dashboard
  3. Upon redirection to PayPal:

    • If you do not have a PayPal account, you need to complete the verification process and KYC. This will include confirming your email address by clicking on the link sent to you by PayPal.
    • If you already have a PayPal account, you need to authorise Razorpay to accept payments.

    You should now be able to see your PayPal enablement status set to Pending on your Razorpay Dashboard. PayPal will activate your account within 48 hours if all of the previous steps are successfully completed.

    You can now proceed with the integration. This depends on how you have integrated Razorpay on your website or application.

    By default, your PayPal account is configured to receive USD payments. You can enable more currencies on your account from your PayPal Dashboard.

    Watch Out!

    • You should not use the same email ID for multiple MIDs.
    • Each merchant should set up a separate PayPal account for each MID.

If you are using Razorpay Standard Checkout, you just need to enable PayPal from your dashboard and complete the

. After the onboarding is completed and PayPal is enabled for you, it appears on your checkout form for all supported currencies.

Customers can use PayPal Currency Conversion to convert international payments in INR (or other currency) to a currency of their choice. This enables businesses to continue accepting payments via PayPal.

Watch how currency conversion works at Razorpay checkout in this video

  • You will have your PayPal account configured to receive payments in all currencies.
  • You can pass the currency in INR to Razorpay or enable more currencies on your account from your PayPal dashboard.
  • Razorpay applies for currency conversion on an hourly basis.
  • When converting currencies on a payment or transfer, the standard PayPal charges are applicable.

Handy Tips

  • PayPal does not accept payment requests in INR. Razorpay facilitates currency conversions from INR to your customer's home currency.
  • By default, the PayPal conversion feature is enabled on Standard Checkout for all merchants with PayPal account linked with the Razorpay account.
  • This is currently supported only on Razorpay standard checkout integration.
  • Indian merchant's/seller's PayPal account can accept international payments only from non-Indian customers (non-Indian PayPal account) in non-INR PayPal supported currencies.

You receive the payments made using PayPal directly to your PayPal wallet. PayPal makes the settlements in INR.

Refunds - PayPal Balance Required

Ensure you have sufficient balance in your PayPal account before you initiate a refund.

  1. Refunds can be initiated by you either from the or by using the .
  2. The refund amount is deducted from your PayPal account and credited to your customer's PayPal account.

1. Can I accept international payments in INR using PayPal?

No, you cannot accept international payments in Indian Rupee using PayPal.

2. I am an existing Razorpay customer, are there any integration changes to be done to support international payments via Razorpay?

There are no integration changes required for you to accept payments via an international debit or credit card. However, if you want to display a foreign curreny on your checkout, you need to pass the relevant code in the currency parameter in the Checkout code.

3. How do I disable the PayPal payment method activated on my account?

Please raise a support ticket with Razorpay over


4. I have already registered for PayPal. How do I change the PayPal account which I had added to Razorpay?

You can log in to your

, go to Settings and update your email address to your new account.
If you want to keep both your accounts active, please raise a request with our .

5. I have completed my registration on PayPal. Why does my status on the Dashboard still say pending?

Ensure you have uploaded your bank account and company details on the PayPal Dashboard before PayPal can complete your registration. Please log in to to your PayPal account and check if you have completed the 3 steps: a. Verify your email with PayPal. b. Upload and verify your PAN Card. c. Update your Bank Account details.

6. I have enabled PayPal and the status shows activated on my Dashboard. However, why is there no option to pay with PayPal on my checkout?

PayPal will be shown on your checkout only if the purchasing currency is other than Indian Rupee(INR), for example, if the currency is USD or EUR. PayPal will not appear on your checkout otherwise.

7. What is the pricing for PayPal?

To know more about the pricing for PayPal check out the


8. What is the Razorpay fees/TDR for accepting international payments?

For international credit and debit card transactions, we charge a platform fee of 3% plus taxes. PayPal transactions are charged as per rates defined by PayPal. Know more about


9. By when will PayPal be activated on my Razorpay account?

  • Existing PayPal Account: Razorpay enables PayPal on your checkout in 2 days.
  • New PayPal Account: After you complete all the onboarding steps on PayPal's website, Razorpay enables PayPal on your checkout within 5 working days.

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