Transaction Limits for Payment Methods

List of transaction limits for every payment method permitted on Razorpay.

Using Razorpay you can provide a host of payment methods to your customers to make payments. However, due to restrictions from banking partners, there are transaction limits for the different payment methods.

Payment Methods and Transaction Limits🔗

The following table lists the various methods and the transaction limits:

Payment Method

Maximum Transaction Limit




No limit.


₹1,00,000 Know more about the UPI transaction limits prescribed by different entities.


• For non-KYC Merchants: ₹10,000
• For KYC Merchants: ₹1,00,000


• ICICI Bank PayLater: ₹30,000
• GetSimpl: ₹30,000
• FlexiPay by HDFC Bank: ₹60,000 (Minimum limit: ₹2,000)


As per the limit of your PayPal account (this is usually USD 10,000 for the verified PayPal account).