Bajaj Pay - Standard Checkout

Let your customers make payments using the Bajaj Pay wallet at the Razorpay Standard Checkout.

Bajaj Pay Wallet is a secure digital wallet that simplifies everyday payments for your customers. Customers can pay bills on the go or easily initiate fund transfers from their phones.

Enable Bajaj Pay payment method on the Razorpay Dashboard if not already enabled:

  1. Log into the


  2. Navigate to Account & SettingsPayment Methods.

  3. Select Wallet.

  4. Click Request beside Bajaj Pay Wallet.

    Dashboard image of bank transfer request
  5. A request form appears. Select the payment instrument to be enabled on your Checkout. Click Save & Next.

  6. Fill in the required details and click Save & Next.

    Handy Tips

    • If you are an existing business, some of the required details will be auto-filled.
    • You can click the Edit button to fill in the incomplete details before submitting the form.
  7. Fill in the Management/Ownership details in the form. When complete form details are filled, click Submit Form.

  8. After the form is submitted, the request is sent to activate the selected payment instruments. The feature enablement request will take 2 business days to be approved.

After the payment instrument is enabled, you will see the Activated status beside the selected one.

After Bajaj Pay is enabled, it is listed on the Razorpay Standard Checkout as an option under the wallet payment method. No additional integration is needed. You can view the wallets enabled for your Razorpay account under the Account & Settings → Payment Methods tab.

On your website or app, customers select the products and proceed to Checkout. On the Checkout page, the customers:

  1. Enter the Phone Number and click Proceed.
  2. Select Wallet as the payment method as highlighted below and click Continue.
  3. Select Bajaj Pay and click Pay Now.
    Select Bajaj Wallet
  4. Enter the OTP sent to their mobile number. In case of insufficient balance, click Add Funds.
    Bajaj Wallet - Add Funds
  5. The payment is completed if they have sufficient balance in the wallet.
    Payment Successfull

After the successful payment, Razorpay redirects customers to your application or website. You receive the amount in your wallet as per your


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