Amazon Pay - Standard Checkout

Let your customers make payments using the Amazon Pay payment method at the Razorpay Standard Checkout.

Amazon Pay is a wallet-based payment method that allows customers with an Amazon account to make payments using their Amazon Pay balance. After Amazon Pay is enabled and integrated, it is listed on your website/app Checkout page as an option under the wallet payment method. Know more about Amazon Pay.

Feature Request
This is an on-demand feature. Please raise a request with our Support team to get this feature activated on your Razorpay account.

Standard Checkout Integration🔗

You can accept payments through wallets which are available by default. However, if you want to accept payments from external wallets, such as Amazon Pay, integration is required. Razorpay does not process payments for external wallets and gives you the control along with all the customer data entered in the Checkout form.

Handy Tips
The wallet payment option can be used for a purchase amount of up to ₹20000 (2000000 in paise).

  • Web application
  • Android
  • iOS: Amazon Pay as a payment method is available by default, and no additional integration is needed.

Web Application🔗

To list external wallets on your web application, you need to first integrate our Checkout form. After you integrate, follow the steps given below:

  1. Add a key external to checkout.js options.

  2. Set wallets with wallet name array in external as the first parameter.

    Copy external: { wallets: ['amazonpay'] }
  3. Set handler with a callback function in external as the second parameter.

    Copy external: { wallets: ['amazonpay'], handler: function(data) { 'data' console.log(this, data) } }

The Amazon Pay is now shown in the wallets section. If the customer selects the external wallet and clicks Submit, our Standard Checkout library returns the control to you in the external:handler: method. You will get the selected wallet name as an argument. You will have to handle the payment flow for the wallet from hereon.

Android Integration🔗

To integrate Amazon Pay wallet with the Standard Checkout on your Android app:

  1. Download the following SDKs and add the aar files to the application library.

  2. Add the following lines of code to the build.gradle file of your application:

    Copy dependencies { implementation(name: 'razorpay-amazonpay-1.3.0', ext: 'aar') implementation(name:'PayWithAmazon', ext:'aar') implementation '' }

This will add the dependencies for the SDK and display the Amazon Pay wallet on your Checkout form.