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Razorpay Affordability Suite

Razorpay Affordability Suite enables businesses to attract and retain their customer base by providing affordable payment options. Using this suite, you can provide your customers attractive offers and popular payment methods such as EMI, Cardless EMI, No Cost EMI and Paylater.


With Razorpay Affordability Suite, you can:

  • Reduce the upfront amount to be paid by your customers with easy-to-manage EMI repayments.
  • Provide EMIs for customers who don't have a credit or debit card.
  • Create and run attractive offers on your website, thereby increasing sales.
  • Enable customers to buy products now and pay later with no interest charged.

Affordability Suite Contents#

Razorpay Affordability Suite consists of:

  • Payment Methods
    • Credit Card EMI
      Using the Credit Card EMI payment method, make your products more affordable for customers by reducing the upfront payment amount.
    • Debit Card EMI
      Enable the vast percentage of customers who possess debit cards to leverage the benefits of EMI schemes, with the Debit Card EMI payment method.
    • Cardless EMI
      Your customers can now enjoy the benefits of EMI even if they do not possess debit or credit cards, with the Cardless EMI payment method.
    • Paylater
      Allow your customers to avail an interest-free, running line of credit from a third-party provider and shop from you.
  • Offers
    To attract customers and improve your sales, you can use Razorpay Offers to provide discounts and cashbacks to customers when they make payments on your website or apps. You can restrict the payment methods on which the Offers are applied and limit their usage.
  • No-Cost EMI Offers
    You can use Razorpay Offers to provide No-Cost EMI schemes to customers when they make payments on your website or apps. This helps your customers to pay their EMI provider only the product price, equally divided over the repayment timeline.

How to Integrate#

Payment Methods#

If you are using Razorpay Standard Checkout, you do not need to perform any additional integrations to display these payment methods to your customers. You just need to get this feature enabled on your account by contacting our Support team.


You can create Offers via Razorpay Dashboard and display them to customers on Checkout. Offers can be displayed with or without integration with Checkout UI. Learn how to:

  1. Create Offers on Razorpay Dashboard

  2. Display Offers

No-Cost EMI Offers#

You can create No-Cost EMI Offers via Razorpay Dashboard and integrate them on your Checkout UI so customers can use them while making payments. Learn how to: