Low Cost EMI

Let your customers avail Low Cost EMIs offered by all major banks.

Offer Low Cost EMI to strike the perfect balance between providing affordable financing to customers while maintaining a sustainable financial model. You can decide the cost to support each EMI tenure, and the customer bears the remaining cost. Low Cost EMIs let customers enjoy the benefits of EMI at an affordable rate while minimising your overall cost.

You can create

for a selected issuer from your .

Customers select the products on your website or app and proceed to Checkout. On the Checkout page, the customers:

  1. Enter the Phone Number and click Proceed.

  2. Select EMI as the payment method and click Pay Now.

  3. Select the EMI option where Low Cost EMI is available. If the amount entered in the Checkout is eligible for the discount, all the applicable EMI options are shown.

    select EMI option where Low Cost EMI is available
  4. After customers select this option, all the applicable plans the card issuer provides are displayed for the entered amount.

  5. Choose the EMI tenure and click Select EMI Plan.

    Select Low Cost EMI tenure
  6. They enter the relevant details and choose if they want to Pay and Save Card or Pay without Saving Card. After the successful payment, Razorpay redirects customers to your application or website.

Handy Tips

You can create Low Cost EMI Offers on Credit and Debit card EMIs only.

Watch Out!

Customers' monthly statements will reflect the total interest charged by the bank. However, the Low Cost EMI discount amount is applied upfront to the purchase to cover it.



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