Debit Card EMIs - Standard Checkout

Let your customers avail Debit Card EMIs at Razorpay Standard Checkout.

Using Razorpay, you can let your customers use Debit EMI as a payment method to buy various products on EMI using their Debit Cards without paying the entire amount immediately. Customers need not have the whole amount in their accounts at the transaction time, and their banks will not block any amount on their cards.

Razorpay has partnered with various banks to provide Debit Card EMIs at the Checkout so that your customers can avail these EMI plans and repay them at their convenience.

How it Works🔗

On your website or app, customers select the products and proceed to Checkout.

  1. On the Checkout page, the customers selects EMI as the payment method.

2. The customers select EMI on Cards option under the EMI tab.

3. The customers enters the debit card details as shown below:

4. If the order amount is eligible for debit card EMI, the corresponding EMI plans along with the interest rates are displayed.

5. The customers select the EMI tenure. They are prompted to enter the phone number linked to their bank account.

6. If the customers are eligible for availing the EMI, OTPs are sent by their bank to validate their identity.

After the successful authentication, the customers are redirected to your application or website. Customers' monthly debit card statements will reflect the EMI amount with the interest charged by the bank.