Integrate Affordability Widget With Shopify

Integrate the Razorpay Affordability Widget on your Shopify store to spread awareness about the affordability-based payment options before they reach checkout.

Integrate the Razorpay Affordability Widget with your Shopify store to influence your customer's purchase decisions before they reach checkout by displaying various affordable payment options and offers.

Razorpay Affordability Widget Shopify app is supported on the following popular themes:


Watch Out!

If you use a theme not listed above and encounter issues integrating the Razorpay Affordability Widget, we recommend switching to one of the above supported themes.

Perform the following integration steps:

  1. Go to the


  2. Click Add app to install Razorpay Affordability Widget.

    Add the app to your shopify store
  3. Click Install app.

    Install the App
  4. In the Account Details section, enter the Live API Key ID and click Save.

    Handy Tips

    In case you cannot find your API key ID, use the Click here option below the field to find the key on the Dashboard.

    Enter the live API key ID
  5. You are redirected to the Shopify theme editor page. In the Product information section, click Add block.

    Add widget block

    Handy Tips

    In case you are not redirected to the theme editor page, then navigate to Online Store in the Sales channels section and click Themes. Click Customize.

    Shopify theme editor page
  6. Click Apps. The Razorpay Affordability Widget app appears.

    The affordability widget app appears in the apps sections
  7. Select razorpay-afd-widget and drag it below the Price field. The customers will be able to view the widget below the product price.

  8. Click Save in the Shopify theme editor page to display the widget to your customers.

    Save the widget settings

Here is a glimpse of the default widget with offers and payment method options enabled.

Glimpse of the default widget

Minimum Order Limit

All the payment method options that are enabled and that satisfy the minimum order limit appear on the widget. Know more about the minimum order limit for:

Once you successfully integrate the widget on your Shopify store, you can choose to

based on your requirement.

Handy Tips

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