About Affordability Widget

Use the Affordability Widget to influence your customer's purchase decision by displaying various affordable payment options and offers.

Use our Affordability Widget to spread awareness about the affordability-based payment options (such as EMI, Cardless EMI, and Pay Later) and offers available to your customers before they checkout.

You can embed these payment options and offers on product listing pages, checkout pages, and other relevant screens to educate the customers and reduce cart abandonment.

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A quick glimpse of Affordability Widget:

On Web

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On Mobile

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What's New

  • Checkout from Widget: Customers can complete their purchase directly from the widget. The auto-selection functionality helps apply the chosen payment option/offer from the widget to the payment checkout page. Know more about . (Dec 2023)
  • Eligibility Check: A pre-eligibility check on affordability instruments for customers to check their credit eligibility directly from the widget, which helps customers choose an eligible payment option. Know more about . (Nov 2023)
  • Discount Whisperer: It analyses customers' spending amount and calculates the additional savings they can receive and how much more they can shop for to unlock even bigger discounts. Know more about . (Sep 2023)

Handy Tips

  • For Native users, you can .
  • For Shopify and WooCommerce user, this is a view-only widget.
  • Only offers and payment methods configured via the Razorpay Dashboard will appear on the widget.
  • The widget does not support Internet Explorer browser and iOS SDKs.


  • Initiate checkout from widget
    Customers can complete their purchase directly from the widget itself. The auto-selection functionality helps apply the chosen payment option/offer from the widget to the payment checkout page.

  • Enable discovery of affordable payment options early on
    Customers can discover affordable payment options and payment offers early on in the buying journey and `make an informed buying decision.

  • Improve conversion rates
    The availability of affordable payment options such as

    and help boost conversion rates.

  • Increase Average Order Value
    Businesses typically see a 30% higher average order value with affordable payment options.

  • Stand out from your competitors
    Cultivate customer loyalty and establish a distinctive brand identity that distinguishes you from the competition.

  • Built for every business
    Whether you operate in e-commerce, education, healthcare, food and beverage, travel, hospitality, IT, or any other vertical, you can influence customers' purchasing decisions using the Affordability Widget.

The following diagram depicts the workflow:

Know how Affordability Widget works

The workflow involves the following:

  1. Sign up for a .
  2. Integrate the widget with your , or .
  3. Once you successfully integrate the widget on your website, you can choose to customise the , and the based on your requirement.

On the product page, the customer:

  1. Views the products on your website or app.

  2. Clicks View offers to check the offers available on the widget.

  3. Clicks View plans to choose EMI or Pay Later as the payment option on the widget.

    Glimpse of the default widget
    1. Enters the phone number and clicks Check to check their eligibility for payment options.

    2. Enters the OTP sent to their phone number and clicks Verify. Our eligibility check is safeguarded by a secure OTP flow to eliminate the risk of unauthorised access.

      Verify phone number for eligibility check
    3. They can clearly differentiate between the eligible and ineligible payment options.

    • Eligible: The customer selects an eligible payment instrument and proceeds to checkout.

    • Ineligible: The customer can view the reason for ineligibility as highlighted below.

      View reason for ineligibility

      To proceed with the payment in case of ineligibility, the customer can choose to:

      • Change the phone number for the chosen payment instrument and try again.
      • Opt for an eligible payment instrument.

    Watch Out!

    is an on-demand feature. Write to us at to get this feature enabled.

  4. Chooses an eligible payment instrument or a relevant offer and clicks Buy Now.

  5. They are redirected to your checkout page, where they enter their contact and address details and proceed to checkout.

  6. The customer is redirected to the Razorpay checkout if you have integrated the widget with our

    . If not, they are redirected to your custom-built checkout. Once redirected to our Standard Checkout, the payment option or offer the customer selects on the widget appears pre-selected on checkout.

    Watch Out!

  7. They enter the relevant details and complete the payment.

    Initiate checkout from widget

Watch Out!

For Shopify and WooCommerce users, this is a view-only widget. Customers can select their preferred offer and plan only at checkout.

Razorpay Affordability Widget is supported on the following platforms:


You can choose to:

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