About Credit Card EMI

Let your customers avail Credit Card EMIs at Razorpay Standard Checkout.

Razorpay Checkout supports EMIs on credit cards issued by major banks. EMI is available by default on Razorpay Standard Checkout. No additional integration is needed.

Watch Out!

Instant Refunds are not supported on EMI, Cardless EMI and Pay Later.

Following is the list of supported Payment Partners for Credit Card EMI and the minimum order amount stipulated by them:

Bank CodeIssuer BankMinimum Amount (in INR)
AMEXAmerican Express5000
BARBBank of Baroda2500
FDRLFederal Bank2500
INDBIndusInd Bank2000
KKBKKotak Mahindra Bank2500
RATNRBL Bank1500
SBINState Bank of India2500
SCBLStandard Chartered2500
UTIBAxis Bank3000
YESBYes Bank1500

Interest Rates

Use the below endpoint to fetch a list of EMI plans offered by banks:


[YOUR_KEY_ID] Required

To fire this API, you must provide your [KEY_ID] for authorization. Your [KEY_SECRET] is not required and should not be passed. Know how to generate the


curl -u [YOUR_KEY_ID] \
-X GET https://api.razorpay.com/v1/methods

Customers select the products on your website or app and proceed to Checkout. On the Checkout page, the customers:

  1. Enter the Phone Number and click Proceed.
  2. Select EMI as the payment method and click Pay Now.
  3. Enter the OTP sent to their mobile number if they want to use their saved cards and click Verify.
  4. Select Credit Card and click Continue.
    Select credit card payment option on checkout
  5. Choose a bank from the list and select the EMI tenure. Click Select EMI Plan.
    EMI tenure and click Select Plan
  6. Enter the relevant details. The eligibility depends on the customer's card's BIN (first 6 digits). If the card is not eligible, the customers can pay the full amount.
    Enter the credit card details
  7. Choose if they want to Pay and Save Card or Pay without Saving Card.

After the successful payment, Razorpay redirects customers to your application or website. Customers' monthly statements will reflect the EMI amount with interest charged by the bank.

When the customers complete the payment on the Checkout, the entire transaction amount is authorized by the customer's issuing bank and converted into EMIs within 3-4 days, depending on the payment terms agreed with the credit card provider.



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