About No Cost EMI

Let your customers avail No Cost EMIs offered by all major banks.

Let your customers avail No Cost EMIs on credit and debit cards issued by all the major banks. A No Cost EMI is an offer where customers pay for a product in installments with zero interest. Therefore, your customers pay for the product's total price with no extra charges. EMI discount will be applied to the customer's purchase to cover the interest the bank charges.

  1. On the Razorpay Checkout, customers enter the required details and select EMI as the payment method and click Pay Now.

    Standard Checkout with No cost EMI
  2. Select the EMI option and click Continue. If the amount entered in the Checkout is eligible for the discount, all the eligible EMI options are shown.

    Plans eligible for the card issurer
  3. After customers select this option, all the eligible plans provided by the card issuer are displayed for the entered amount.

  4. Select the EMI tenure and click Select EMI Plan. They enter the relevant details.

    EMI tenure and click Select Plan
  5. If the customers are:

    • Eligible for availing the EMI, they click Pay via EMI.
    • Not eligible for availing the EMI, then they have to pay the full amount. They click Pay full amount and are prompted to confirm the action.
  6. Choose if they want to Pay and Save Card or Pay without Saving Card.

After the successful payment, Razorpay redirects customers to your application or website. By the end of the EMI cycle, the card issuer deducts the EMI amount from the customer’s bank.

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