About Cardless EMI

Offer automatic EMI payments without using credit or debit cards to your customers. Check the payment flow and supported Cardless EMI providers.

Offer Cardless EMI as a payment method to convert their payment amount to EMIs without a debit or credit card. Customers enjoy the benefits of the EMI as the payments are made using credits approved by the supported Cardless EMI Payment Partners.

Watch Out!

Instant Refunds are not supported on EMI, Cardless EMI and Pay Later.

Feature Enablement

Cardless EMI as a payment method is not enabled by default. Raise a request with our

to enable this feature.

Following is the list of supported Payment Partners for Cardless EMI and the minimum order amount stipulated by them:

BanksProvider CodeMinimum Order Amount
ICICI Bankicic₹7000
IDFC Bankidfb₹5000
HDFC Bankhdfc₹5000
Kotak Bankkkbk₹3000
TVS Credittvsc₹3000

Handy Tips

Given below is a diagram that explains the payment flow for Cardless EMI:

payment flow for Cardless EMI

Customers select the products on your website or app and proceed to Checkout. On the Checkout page, the customers:

  1. Enter their Phone Number and click Proceed.
  2. Select EMI as the payment method and click Pay Now.
    Selecting EMI as the payment method
  3. Enter the OTP sent to their mobile number if they want to use their saved cards and click Verify.
  4. Select Cardless and Others and click Continue.
    Select Cardless and Others
  5. Choose a payment instrument from the list and select the EMI tenure. Click Select EMI Plan.
    EMI tenure and click Select Plan

After the successful payment, Razorpay redirects customers to your application or website. Customers' monthly statements will reflect the EMI amount with interest charged by the bank.

You will receive the entire payment amount from the Cardless EMI service provider. Based on the terms and conditions, the customer pays the total payment amount with additional interest (if any) as EMIs to the provider.

No additional integration is required to show Cardless EMI on your Standard Checkout page.



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