Virtual Payment Address (VPA) Validation

Learn how to validate a customer's virtual payment address used for making UPI collect payments.

In UPI collect flow, the customers enter Virtual Payment Address (VPA) to make the payment. You can confirm the validity of VPA by sending an API request to Razorpay.

Copycurl -u [YOUR_KEY_ID]:[YOUR_KEY_SECRET] \ -X POST \ -H "Content-Type: application/json" \ -d '{ "vpa": "gauravkumar@exampleupi" }'
Copy{ "vpa": "gauravkumar@exampleupi", "success": true, "customer_name": "Gaurav Kumar" }

Request Parameter🔗

vpa mandatory
string The virtual payment address (VPA) you want to validate. For example, gauravkumar@exampleupi.

Response Parameters🔗

string The virtual payment address (VPA) sent as the request attribute. In this case, gauravkumar@exampleupi.
boolean Indicates whether the VPA exists. Possible values:
  • true - The VPA exists.
  • false - The VPA does not exist.
string The name linked to the VPA. For example, Gaurav Kumar. Appears only when the value of success is true.