Track Payments

Track payments made by customers using the Razorpay Payments Mobile App. Analyse payment trends on the Razorpay Dashboard and check the payment states.

You can use the Razorpay Payments Mobile app to track payments made by your customers and analyse payment trends over different time periods.

Watch this video to know how to track and view payment details using Razorpay Payment Mobile app.

Follow these steps to track payments:

  1. Log in with your Razorpay Dashboard credentials.
    Log in to Razorpay Dashboard
  2. Navigate to TransactionsPayments.
  3. A list of payments appears. You can also filter the payments by:
    • Date
      Filter by Date
    • Status
      Filter by Status
  4. Tap on a payment to view details such as:
    • Payment state, ID, creation date, payment method, notes and fees breakup.
    • Refund initiated for a specific payment, if any.
  5. You can also choose to initiate refunds from this screen.

Follow these steps to analyse payment trends:

  1. Log in with your Razorpay Dashboard credentials.
  2. In the graph, tap the zoom arrow icon to open the Payment Insights screen.
  3. You can choose to view payments for a specific month, week or a preferred time period.
    Payment Insights
  4. Tap on the graph to view a list of payments for the specified time period.
    Payment Insights for a Month

Tap the collapse icon to return to the home screen.

The table below lists the various payment states and provides a brief description about each.

CreatedA payment is created when the customer submits payment details to Razorpay . The payment has not been processed at this stage.
  • When the customer's payment details are successfully authenticated by the bank, the Payment state changes to Authorized.
  • The amount deducted from the customer’s account by Razorpay is not settled to your account until the payment is captured, either manually or automatically.
  • There can be scenarios where payment is interrupted due to external factors, such as network issues or technical errors at the customer's or bank's end. In this case, the amount may get debited from the customer's bank account but the payment status is not received by Razorpay from the bank. This is termed as Late Authorization.
  • The payment status changes to captured when the authorized payment is verified to be complete by Razorpay.
  • The amount is settled to your account as per the settlement schedule of the bank.
  • The captured amount must be the same as the authorized amount.
  • Any authorization not followed by a capture within 5 days is automatically voided and the amount is refunded to the customer.
RefundedThe amount is refunded to the customer's account.
FailedAny unsuccessful transaction is marked as failed. The customer will have to retry the payment.

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