View Settlements

View settlement details using the Razorpay Payments Mobile App and check the various settlement states.

You can use the Razorpay Payments Mobile app to view settlement details.

Follow these steps to view settlements:

  1. Log in with your Razorpay Dashboard credentials.
  2. Navigate to TransactionsSettlements.
  3. Tap on a settlement to view more details. You can also filter settlements by:
    • Date
      Filter by Date
    • Status
      Filter by Status

The table below lists the various states in the settlement life cycle and provides a brief description about each.

CreatedThe settlement is being processed by our nodal banking partners and will be credited to your account.
ProcessedThe settlement has been successfully credited to your bank account.
FailedThe settlement to your account has failed. You will receive an email from Razorpay informing about the failure. Respond to the email with the requested details to enable settlements for your account. If you do not receive an email from us, you can
Some reasons for failure are:
  • Your bank account is inactive or frozen.
  • Incorrect bank account details.
  • The settlement was rejected by your bank.

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