Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Find answers to the frequently asked questions about Razorpay Payments Mobile App.


For Business🔗

1. Can I get a URL if my Razorpay account is not activated?🔗

No, the URL is instantly created by us after your account is activated on the mobile app. You will be unable to access it before activation.

2. Can I enter the amount that I want to receive from my customers?🔗

Yes, you can specify the amount you want to receive from your customers or they can enter an amount of their choice.

3. Can I create multiple URLs?🔗

No, you can have only one URL for your Razorpay account. You can use Payment Links to have multiple links and share those with customers.

4. Can I modify my URL?🔗

You can edit the URL immediately after account activation only. We recommend you to use the business/brand name that you are identified with by your customers.

5. Can I make my URL expire after a while?🔗 is a permanent URL and will not expire. Also, you cannot deactivate the URL.

6. Which report can I refer to view payments received through my URL?🔗

You can view the payments on the Track Payments page of the App.

For Customers🔗

1. How do I request a refund after I have made a payment through a business's URL?🔗

Refer to this article to know how to request refunds.

2. Can I make multiple payments to a business's URL?🔗

Yes, you can make multiple payments to a business' URL.