How Invoices Work

Create Invoices, send them to customers to receive payments and perform other actions.

Given below is a complete end-to-end flow about how you can use Razorpay Invoices.

Invoices Flow

by providing all the required details. You can set an expiry date and enable partial payments.

Save the invoice. The invoice is in draft status. Know more about


Handy Tips

to a customer via email and/or sms. The customer receives a notification by email or sms with a payment link using which the customer can pay using one of the available .

Handy Tips

Customer clicks the payment link and tries to make the payment.

  • If payments was enabled, the customer chooses the amount to be paid.
  • The customer chooses the mode of payment: Pay Online or Pay via Bank Transfer

Customer makes a successful payment. The invoice is marked as paid or partially paid. You receive a notification about the payment.

Handy Tips

After the payment is captured, the amount is settled to your account as per the settlement schedule. Know more about

, , and .

  • Notifications
    You receive notifications regarding activity on invoices via SMS, emails and webhook. Know more about .
  • Track Payments
    Track payments made against the issued invoices on . Click Invoices from the left menu. All the invoices are listed with their status under Invoices.
  • Reports
    Detailed insights can be gained using reports and real-time data on the Dashboard. These reports can then be used for accounting and reconciliation purposes. Know more about .

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