About Tally e-Payments

Use of RazorpayX from within TallyPrime Application to make payments to vendors.

Tally is one of the most used accounting software by small and medium enterprises. Businesses use it to maintain and track accounting, finance, inventory, sales, and so on.

Razorpay offers integration with TallyPrime to make payouts to vendors. SMEs and MSMEs who use TallyPrime can now use RazorpayX Payouts to make payments to their vendors, partners, and suppliers.

Tally e-Payments allows you to create RazorpayX-readable payout instructions (in CSV format) directly from TallyPrime (a Tally product). These payout instructions can be imported to Tally Payouts (within the Payouts tab) section of the RazorpayX Dashboard and processed within seconds. Once the payouts are processed, you can download the MIS and upload it on TallyPrime to automatically reconcile the entire payout.

Here is a short video on Tally e-Payments using the RazorpayX Dashboard:

How it Works🔗

To process payouts using Tally e-Payments:

  1. Open TallyPrime.
  2. Create a RazorpayX Ledger.

    Handy Tips
    If you are an existing RazorpayX Current Account user with an existing RazorpayX/RBL Bank account ledger in TallyPrime, please create a new ledger for RazorpayX Bank using the Tally e-Payments Setup Process. All the existing unpaid bills that you wish to pay through RazorpayX using this integration will be credited to the new RazorpayX ledger account.

  3. Export the e-Payments' payout instructions for the payable bills from TallyPrime in the RazorpayX format. Download this as a CSV file.
  4. Upload this CSV format file into RazorpayX Tally Payouts section.
  5. Review your payables, generate OTP and finalise the payments.
  6. Export the MIS.
  7. View details on the RazorpayX Dashboard.
  8. Upload MIS to TallyPrime for automatic reconciliation of accounts.