Set Up e-Payments

Create a RazorpayX Ledger in TallyPrime.

You can use the Ledger feature in TallyPrime to create a RazorpayX Ledger.

Handy Tips
If you are an existing RazorpayX Current Account user with an existing RazorpayX/RBL Bank account ledger in TallyPrime, please create a new ledger for RazorpayX Bank as given below. All existing unpaid bills that you wish to pay through RazorpayX using this integration will be credited to the new RazorpayX ledger account.

Create a Ledger🔗

To create a ledger:

  1. Open TallyPrime and navigate to the Gateway.

  2. Go to Create.

  3. Select Ledgers.

  4. Enter a name for the ledger.

  5. In the Bank Accounts Details section, type RAZ in the Bank Name field. A List of Banks pop-up page is displayed.

  6. Select RazorpayX.

  7. Set the fields under Bank Configuration to Yes or No as required.

  8. Set Enable e-Payments under Bank Configuration to Yes. This is mandatory.

  9. Under Enable e-Payments, select Set/alter e-Payments configuration. Select the requisite parameters for e-Payment.

  10. Click Yes in the Accept window to save your selection.

  11. Click Yes in the Confirm RazorpayX ledger creation window.