Export and Approve Payouts

Export payout data file from TallyPrime, import it to the Dashboard, approve these in bulk, and view & download reports.

You need to export payout data file from TallyPrime and import it to the RazorpayX Dashboard, and approve these in bulk. You can then export the approved payouts back to TallyPrime for reconciliation. Know more about Tally e-Payments.

Export Payout Data from TallyPrime to RazorpayX🔗

To export the payout data you have on TallyPrime into RazorpayX:

  1. Open TallyPrime and navigate to the Gateway.

  2. Go to Banking under Utilities.

  3. Select e-Payments. The e-Payments screen is displayed.

  4. Select the Ready for sending to bank row as shown below:

  5. Select the transactions which you wish to export from the list.

  6. On the top menu, select ExportPayment Instructions.

  7. Click Yes to confirm.

A message is displayed on successful completion of export. After you export the payout data from TallyPrime, upload this data into the RazorpayX Dashboard for review and approval.

Upload Payout Data🔗

To upload payout data:

  1. Log into your RazorpayX Dashboard.

  2. Navigate to PayoutsTally Payouts.

  3. Click Tally bulk import under the New drop-down menu as shown below.

  4. Click + BULK PAYOUT.

  5. Upload the payouts data file exported from TallyPrime and click Next.

  6. Preview the payouts and click Next.

  7. Enter the OTP sent to your registered mobile number and email address and click Confirm Payouts.

Bulk payouts are created and listed on the Tally Payouts screen.

Approve Payouts🔗

After the payouts are uploaded to the RazorpayX Dashboard, you can access the payout data for further review and approval.

To approve these payouts in bulk:

  1. Click on Pending on you under Payouts.

  2. All payouts pending on you are displayed in the Payouts page.

  3. Use the check box to select the payouts you want to make.

  4. Click APPROVE as shown below.

    A message is displayed after payouts approval.