Reconcile Payouts

Check how payouts are reconciled in TallyPrime.

After approving the payouts on the RazorpayX Dashboard, you can reconcile these payouts on TallyPrime with the Instrument Number and Bank Date.

Post-approval, a report is generated in MIS format. Download this report using the DOWNLOAD MIS option and import it into TallyPrime for reconciliation.

Reconcile Payouts🔗

To begin the reconciliation process:

  1. Once the payouts are approved, click the DOWNLOAD MIS option on the Tally Payouts page.

  2. Go to TallyPrime → Import → Intermediate File.

  3. Upload the MIS file downloaded from RazorpayX in the File to import (CSV) field.

  4. TallyPrime automatically reconciles all transactions and updates the bank date.