Smart Collect APIs with TPV

Create, update, close and fetch Customer Identifiers and resend notifications using APIs.

Razorpay Smart Collect enables you to create Customer Identifiers to accept large payments from your customers in the form of bank transfers via NEFT, RTGS and IMPS.

Customer Identifiers are similar to bank accounts wherein customers can transfer payments. You can create, retrieve and close Customer Identifiers using the Smart Collect APIs with TPV.

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API to create a Customer Identifier.
API to add allowed payers account details to a Customer Identifier.
API to Fetch a Customer Identifier by ID.
API to fetch all Customer Identifiers.
API to fetch payments made against a particular Customer Identifier.
API to retrieve details of a payment using the Payment ID and transfer method.
API to delete allowed payers account details added to a Customer Identifier.
APIs to process refunds for a payment made towards a Customer Identifier.
API to add receiver to an existing Customer Identifier.
API to add receiver to an existing Customer Identifier.
API to close a Customer Identifier.

  1. Use if a Customer Identifier is mapped to a unique customer.
  2. You can use the fail_existing (set to 1) API parameter to create a customer. This helps you avoid customer_id being created multiple times for the same customer and will help in your reconciliation process.
  3. We request you to create a single customer_id rather than making multiple IDs for the same customer. If their details change, you can use the API. Duplicate validation is done based on the combination of email ID and phone number.

  1. Smart Collect with TPV is supported only for Netbanking.
  2. The combination of merchant prefix and descriptor must be 20 characters. The length of the merchant prefix can vary between 4-10 characters and the length of the descriptor from 10-16 characters.
  3. Avoid ambiguous account numbers. Consider the following:
    • When displaying a bank account number to a customer, the font may cause the customer to misread the alphanumeric characters (if any) in the number. Customers can commit typos while entering the beneficiary account number. Misreading the letter O in an account number as the numeral 0, for example, is extremely common.
    • Payments made to such mistyped accounts are considered invalid. They are refunded to the customer's account within 1 working day. However, this is still a massive inconvenience for the customer, who now has to wait 24 hours to receive a refund for what is often a rather large payment.
    • We strongly advise against using the following characters in your descriptor for alphanumeric accounts, as they may appear ambiguous in specific fonts.
      • 0 or O
      • 1 or I
      • 5 or S
      • 8 or B
      • 2 or Z
  4. You can add up to 10 allowed payers while creating the Customer Identifier.
  5. The allowed payer can be deleted or added later using the and the APIs.

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