Auto Third-Party Validation (TPV) on Smart Collect

Perform auto third-party validation of bank accounts provided by your customers using Razorpay Smart Collect API.

Third-party validation is a very important step in the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance sector. As per SEBI guidelines, businesses operating in these sectors must ensure that payments are accepted from the customers' registered, KYC-approved bank accounts only.

Using Razorpay Smart Collect API, you can comply with the regulatory guidelines to ensure that the customers make payments only from their registered bank accounts (TPV). If payments are made from the unregistered accounts (non-TPV), they are automatically refunded to the customers.

When you create a virtual account, send the allowed_payers array with the customer's bank account_number and ifsc. This helps to identify TPV transactions and automatically refund non-TPV transactions.

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