How Smart Collect Works

Create a Customer Identifier and send them to customers for receiving payments.

Given below are the steps on how to create a customer identifier:

  1. Sign up for a .
  2. Create Customer Identifiers tagged to the customer.
  3. The account details of the customer identifier created by Razorpay (such as account number, IFSC and Name) should be shared with the customer.
  4. The customer adds the bank account as a beneficiary on their preferred netbanking portal and transfers the money using NEFT, RTGS or IMPS.
  5. Payment deposited in these customer identifiers is settled into your bank account linked with Razorpay.

Payment Confirmation

You can consider a payment to be successful only when you receive the notification from Razorpay. You can

. Also, you can choose to configure and subscribe to the virtual_account.credited event to receive notifications when customers make payments.

How Smart Collect Works

Using Smart Collect, you can create a unique Customer Identifier to be shared with your customers. Its structure and components are explained below.

The Customer Identifier consists of 16 digits.

Bank Account Number: 1112220040042526

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