Sync Purchase Vouchers

Set up the mechanism to send and sync Purchase Vouchers uploaded in Tally with RazorpayX.

After you

the integration, you can send your Purchase Vouchers to RazorpayX and sync them for reconciliation.

To set up the Purchase Vouchers workflow, you must:

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Watch the video below to understand how you can send Purchase Vouchers to RazorpayX, or read along.

You can also watch the


Following are the advantages of using the sync purchase vouchers flow:

  • Make bill entries in a single place instead of maintaining multiple Excel sheets.
  • You need not spend time cross-checking the synced values. This integration removes the errors of repetition.
  • Move Payment Instructions, bank account details and other sensitive data with complete accuracy.
  • Automate the payment entry and reconciliation in Tally.
  • Verify the invoices created only once. You need not spend time reviewing or rectifying entries.

Check the process to send and sync purchase vouchers to RazorpayX.

To send Purchase Vouchers to RazorpayX, you must configure that setting in Tally.

  1. Open your Tally application to show the Gateway of Tally page.

  2. Click R:RazorpayX Settings from the right menu.

    Click R:RazorpayX Settings from the right menu in the Tally application

    The RazorpayX Configuration (in Developer Mode) page appears.

  3. On this page:

    • Enter Yes against Invoice Sync Settings.

    • Change the following settings:

      Send puchase vouchers to RazorpayXYes
      Send payment vouchers to RazorpayXNo

    Set the purchase voucher setting to Yes.

    Select Yes for Purchase Vouchers only
  4. After selecting Yes, enter the OTP sent to your registered email. Check your spam folder if you do not find the OTP in your primary inbox.

  5. Save your changes.

You have successully configured the settings to send Purchase Vouchers to RazorpayX.

Watch Out!

Select either Purchase vouchers or Payment vouchers. You cannot choose Yes for both Purchase vouchers and Payment vouchers. If you do so, Tally shows an error.

To creat a purchase voucher in Tally and sync it in RazorpayX:

  1. Go to Gateway of TallyTRANSACTIONSVouchers.

    Click Vouchers under Transactions heading in Tally
  2. Click F9:Purchase. Enter the invoice details to create a Purchase Voucher.

    Enter the Purchase Voucher details
  3. Go to Gateway of TallyUTILITIESRazorpayX. Under RazorpayX, go to RazorpayX BillsBill Status.

    Steps to open the Bills Outstanding page

    The Bills Outstanding (in Developer Mode) page appears.

  4. From the right menu, click F2:Period and enter the duration in the From and To fields. The bills for that duration load on the page.

    All the unsynced bills appear as Not Synced under Bill Status

    The Bill Status is Not Synced for the invoices uploaded but not synced to RazorpayX.

  5. Click spacebar on your keyboard to select a particular bill, or multiple bills, and click S:Sync Selected Bills to sync the selected bill/s.

    Sync a specific bill from the duration or sync all bills

    You can also sync bills in bulk by clicking A:Sync All Bills from the right menu.

  6. A dialogue box appears asking for confirmation of your action. Select Yes under Do you want to sync bill to RazorpayX.

  7. Shift to your

    . Refresh the Vendor Payments Dashboard, and you can find that the latest invoice you have uploaded reflects in the topmost row.

To verify the details of the invoice uploaded via Tally, click the invoice to open the invoice details view to the right of the page, as shown.

latest bill synced in RazorpayX Vendor Payments Overview

This page shows the details as synced from Tally.

  • The single tick mark under the TALLY SYNC column shows whether the invoice was synced from Tally.
  • The double tick marks mean that the invoice is synced and reconciled too.

Handy Tips

In the invoice details pop-up page, you find the Payout to vendor section. This is the vendor's contact and bank details as saved in RazorpayX.

If the section is empty,

of the type Vendor and for that Contact.

This is a one-time process. If you regularly make purchases from and payments to that Vendor, you can simply make regular

to them.

You have now successfully synced a Purchase Voucher made in Tally to RazorpayX. Know more about


After you send and sync the vouchers in RazorpayX, you can pay the invoices in the following ways:

All the payments made can be brought back to Tally. Know more about

to Tally from RazorpayX.

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