Set Up RazorpayX-Tally Integration

Download, start and set up the RazorpayX-Tally Integration.

Access and start the RazorpayX-Tally Integration via your

. To install and set up your Tally Integration, you must:

  1. .
  2. .
  3. .

Once done, change the settings in your Tally application to make the

of the integration work seamlessly.

Watch the video below for the instructions or read along.

You can also watch the


The RazorpayX.tcp file is compatible with TallyPrime or Tally.ERP 9 (from version 6 and upwards) on your Windows device. You can find the integration options in four places on your Dashboard.

On your RazorpayX Dashboard, click GET STARTED → in the Introducing Smart Bank Statement Sync to download the plugin.

In you Vendor Payments Overview page, click the grey ACCOUNTING INTEGRATIONS button next to the + INVOICE button.

Either start integrating RazorpayX with Tally by yourself or invite your Finance Team to do it. Know more about

in RazorpayX.

After you have downloaded the file, begin the setup process as explained below.

Handy Tips

If you are using Tally on cloud, ask your Tally administrator to install the


After you download the RazorpayX.tcp file, locate where you have downloaded it.

  1. On your Windows device, right click on the .tcp file and click Properties.
    image title
  2. In the Security tab of the Properties window, note the path against the Object name.

Here is how you or your team can set up the integration.

  1. Open Tally to show the Gateway of Tally screen.
  2. Go to F1: HelpTDLs & AddOnsF4:Manage Local TDLs.
    Tally Prime set up using TDLs & AddOns and Manage Local TDLs in that order
  3. In the TDL Configuration screen screen:
    • Click Specify Path and in the Specify File Path pop-up page.
    • Paste the path noted . You can also Select from Drive.
  4. Enter Yes against Load TDL. Once the TDL loads, you can view the author and the summary of your actions.

For more information on the setup process, refer


After finishing the set up process, you notice the following changes:

  • RazorpayX appears in the Gateway of Tally page.

  • Under F1:Help to the top-right of the screen, you see:

    • R:Razorpay Settings.
    • X:Razorpay Sync.
    Changes reflecting in Gateway of Tally page after installation.

With this, you have completed the set up. Look at how to


Here is how you can configure the integration.

You must keep the follow details immediately available to configure the integration:

  • Merchant ID (MID):
    On your , navigate and click the user icon drop-down. Your MID is shown above My Account & Settings.
  • Administrator/Finance role/Owner's email address.

Watch Out!

For security purposes, you must re-login once every 7 days. Use the OTP you receive at your administrator/finance role/owner's email address to authorise access and ensure Tally data security.

To configure your application:

  1. Go to R:Razorpay Settings. The RazorpayX Configuration (in Developer Mode) screen appears.
  2. Select Yes against Enable RazorpayX Integration.
    Say Yes against Enable RazorpayX Integration in Tally Prime
  3. Enter your RazorpayX MID noted in .
  4. Under the RazorpayX admin login id, enter the finance/owner/admin role's email id. This is where you receive the OTP needed for authenticating your Tally account.
  5. Select a time when you are not using the Tally application. In this time frame, Tally syncs the payment and reconciliation entries to RazorpayX automatically. You cannot use your Tally application during this time.

You have now partially configured your the RazorpayX-Tally Integration. To fully configure the application, you must enable and the disable the settings as per the

the integration supports.

  • If you choose to to Tally from RazorpayX, you can do so at this step.
  • You can change the settings to sync and entries in Tally and RazorpayX. To do so, you must select Yes against any one of them.
  • Additionally, choose how you want to sync these invoices:
    • When receiving the invoices.
    • At the time of payment of invoices.
    Select Yes for only one of these.

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