Sync Payment Vouchers

Set up the mechanism to send and sync Payment Vouchers uploaded in Tally with RazorpayX.

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the integration, you can send your to RazorpayX and sync them for reconciliation.

To set up the Payment Vouchers workflow, you must:

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Watch the video below to understand how you can send Payment Vouchers to RazorpayX, or keep reading for the instructions.

You can also watch the


Some of the advantages of using the integration for sending and syncing Payment Vouchers are the following:

  • Make expense or vendor payments in Tally. RazorpayX syncs the entries with additional payment details in the transaction, such as TDS, GST, and more.
  • Pay, process and reconcile the payments three times faster.
  • You need not maintain tedious excel sheets, import and export them and verify details between both of them.
  • Removes the need to add IFSC and bank account number multiple times. This prevent errors of repetition.

Here is how you send and sync payment vouchers to RazorpayX.

To send Payment Vouchers to RazorpayX:

  1. Open your Tally application to show the Gateway of Tally page.

  2. Here, click R:Razorpay Settings from the right-side menu.

    Click R:Razorpay Settings from the right-side menu in the Tally application

    The RazorpayX Configuration (in Developer Mode) screen appears.

  3. On this page:

    • Enter Yes against Invoice Sync Settings.
    • Change the following settings:
    Send puchase vouchers to RazorpayXNo
    Send payment vouchers to RazorpayXYes

    Set Payment Vouchers to Yes.

    Change the setting to yes against payment vouchers only
  4. After making the selection, enter the OTP sent to your registered email. Check your spam folder if you do not find the OTP in your primary inbox.

  5. Save your changes.

You have now successully configured the settings to send Payment Vouchers to RazorpayX.

Watch Out!

Select either Purchase vouchers or Payment vouchers. You cannot choose Yes for both Purchase vouchers and Payment vouchers. If you do so, Tally shows an error.

To upload an invoice in Tally and see it sync in RazorpayX:

  1. Go to Gateway of TallyTRANSACTIONSVouchers.

    Click Vouchers under Transactions heading in Tally

    The Accounting Voucher Creation (In Developer Mode) screen appears.

  2. Select F5:Payments and enter the invoice details to create a Payment Voucher and add a Purchase Voucher or an older bill as reference.

    Create a payment voucher
  3. Create the payment voucher as applicable and add the relevant bank account details that must be debited.

  4. Select the invoice against which payment has to be made. Enter the details and click Yes when prompted.

  5. Go back to the Gateway of Tally. Click RazorpayXReady for Bank.

    Steps to open the Payment Instructions screen

    The RXEPayment (In Developer Mode) appears. Tally displays particulars about payments with the number of payment invoices that are:

    • Ready for sending to RazorpayX
    • Sent to RazorpayX (unpaid & partially paid)
    • Fully paid in RazorpayX & Reconciled transactions

    Here is a sample screenshot of payments as seen on Tally. Click on each of the rows for more particulars. You can also filter the results based on the displayed fields.

    Tally Payments View
  6. Select Ready for sending to RazorpayX and press Enter.

  7. Sync all of these entries by clicking on A:Sync All Bills in the right hand menu as shown below.

    Sync All Bills

After syncing, return to Ready for Bank page. Here, you can find that the number of bills in Ready for sending to RazorpayX have reduced, and the bills in Sent to RazorpayX (unpaid & partially paid) have increased.

Go back to RazorpayX and pay your invoices as per the standard


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