API Integration Checklist

Ensure you follow all the best practices listed here to use RazorpayX APIs efficiently.

The following table lists the recommended practices for a successful API Integration with RazorpayX.

Ensure you have a Live AccountYou can access both, Live and Test mode. in Live mode for real-time transactions.
Select the Type of Account
  • : A direct Integration with the bank is more economical. The beneficiary gets the registered company name in the narration field.
  • : A backup channel in case of primary channel failure.
Select the Type of API integrationWhile using standalone API's, the fund account can be re-used, which reduces the response time, which in turn, reduces the load on the data base.
Choose a Payout MethodBank accounts and UPI are available by default. require PCI-DSS compliance.
Make a Improved efficiency as fund accounts are validated before actual payout.
Check for Additional IntegrationYou have the provision to include multiple solutions other than payouts to enhance end-user experience.
Use Fund inflow from only trusted sources.
Use Increase success rate of payouts when the beneficiary bank is down.
Check Header ( )Eliminate duplicate payouts due to human or network error.
Check if Feature Enablement is required and enable the feature in case the required is not available on your dashboard.
Receive realtime status update. There is less load on the dashboard due to reduced fetch calls.
Combined with webhook reconciliation, the fetch API's provide an optimal/reliable reconciliation process.
Non-allowlisted IP API calls are rejected, hence, improves security.
Get Efficiently collate data that is required to ease reconciliation.
Enable Provides proactive alerts in case of scheduled downtimes.
or your RazorpayX PoC for Custom IntegrationCustom builds are available for specific use cases.

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