About APIs

List of RazorpayX APIs available to perform various actions.

You can use the RazorpayX APIs to perform various actions. You can perform most of these actions from the

as well.

The table below lists the various APIs and gives a brief description of each API:

APIs to create, fetch details, update, activate, or deactivate a contact to whom payouts can be made.
APIs to create, fetch details, activate, or deactivate a fund account to which payouts are made.
APIs to bank account and vpa creation and validation.
APIs to create, fetch or cancel a payout made to a contact's fund account.
APIs to make payouts to tokenised or unsaved cards.
APIs to make payouts with just the contact details along with bank account details, UPI ID, or card details without having to create a fund account.
APIs to create payout links for contacts whose fund account details are not available. Payouts can be made by sending a payout link to the contact.
API to fetch all transactions made on your business account.
APIs needed to make payouts via Amazon Pay.

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