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You can issue partial or full refunds:

By default, the entire amount is refunded. If you issue a partial refund, ensure the partial refund option is selected and enter the desired value in INR.

Watch Out!

Razorpay issues immediate refunds. Once a refund is issued, it cannot be canceled or reversed.

  • Refunds
    No, we do not charge for the regular refunds. However, fees and taxes charged for a captured payment are not reversed.
  • Instant Refunds
    Yes, we charge a small fee to issue instant refunds. Know more about .

If your current balance is less than the amount you are trying to refund, you can either initiate the refund once you receive further payments or you can

to your account from your Razorpay Dashboard.

Yes. There is a small charge to issue instant refunds. Know more about

. In the event where you opt for Instant Refund, the MDR fees and associated costs charged on the original transaction shall not be refunded.

Yes, instant refunds are possible for payments involving international currencies. Know more about the list of


You can issue instant refunds on payments accepted using