Issue Refunds

Issue refunds to customers using Razorpay Dashboard and APIs.

You can issue refunds to your customers using the Razorpay Dashboard or APIs. Refunds are possible for captured payments only.

Customer Looking for Refund

If you are a customer looking for a refund, know about


Refunds can be made either in full or in part.

  • Full Refund
    You can refund the entire amount that you received in the payment.

  • Partial Refund
    You can refund part of the amount received in the payment. You can issue multiple, partial refunds as long as their sum does not exceed the captured amount.

A payment moves to the refunded state only when the entire amount is refunded to the customer. In case of partial refunds, the payment continues to remain in the captured state till the entire payment is refunded.

Watch this video to see how to issue a refund.

To issue refunds:

  1. .

  2. Navigate to TransactionsPayments.

  3. Select the payment for which refund is requested. The payment should be in the captured state.

  4. On the Refund Payment page, in the amount field, enter an amount lesser than the captured amount for issuing a partial refund. By default, the entire amount will be refunded.

    Refund Payment Page
  5. Look for the Refund Instantly check box.

    • If you want to issue a normal refund, unselect the Refund Instantly check box.
    Unselect Refund Instantly to issue a normal refund
    • If you want to issue an instant refund, select the Refund Instantly check box.
    Select Refund Instantly to issue Instant Refunds
  6. Review the fees that will be levied for the refund to be processed instantly.

  7. Click the Issue Full Refund or Issue Partial Refund button, depending on the amount to be refunded.

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